International Journal of Entomology Research

ISSN: 2455-4758

Vol. 3, Issue 3 (2018)

Diversity and distribution of Ants (hymenoptera: formicidae) from nanded region, Maharashtra, India

Author(s): Shivaji Chavan, Syeda Gulrez, Sonali Jondhale
Abstract: The Survey Was Conducted During The Year- 2018, from Nanded District along with S. R. T. M. U. Nanded, Mudkhed, Kinwat And Penganga River of Maharashtra State, India to assess the diversity and distribution of the amazing species coming from the order-Hymenoptera, under the department of Zoology, School of Life Sciences, S. R. T. M. University, Nanded. The study reveal that under the surveyed area there are 14 biodiversity of ants belonging to 11 genera and 5 Sub-families- Formicidae, Myrmicinae, Pseudopyrmicinae, Dolichoderininae and Formicinae. The sub-family Myrmicinae dominated among different sub-families including 7 species. Whereas Pseudomyrmicinae, Dolichoderinae and Formicinae contain 2 species each and the sub-family Formicidae contains least species.
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