International Journal of Entomology Research

ISSN: 2455-4758

Vol. 1, Issue 6 (2016)

Food relationships ciliates with ctenophore of mnemiopsis leidyi in the planktonic communities of the Azerbaijan sector of the Caspian Sea

Author(s): Samira Salahova, Shafiga Topchiyeva, Ilkham Alakbarov
Abstract: Presented the results of the research during the 2011 - 2014 period, of planktonic community of the Azerbaijani sector of the Caspian Sea. Revealed the main dominant species of planktonic groups (ciliates - 41, rotifers - 20, cladoceras - 11 and copepods - 13). In nature and in the experimental conditions have been studied food spectrum of species ctenophore Mnemiopsis leidyi A. Agassiz, 1865. Revealed the major role of simplest in the nutrition of ctenophore and the dependence of eating different of food objects on their density in the water.
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