International Journal of Entomology Research

ISSN: 2455-4758

Vol. 1, Issue 5 (2016)

Food Coated with Coffee as an Attractant towards Household Ants, (M. pharaonis L.) and (T. melanocephalum F): Analysis of Feeding Preference for Ants Bio-Control and Management

Author(s): Abdul Hafiz Ab Majid, Wan Ahmad Syahir Wan Umar, Siti Salbiah Ellias, Hamady Dieng
Abstract: Ants considered as pest when they invade buildings in search for food and water. The most common method in controlling household ant infestation is by spraying an insecticide. Food preferences of Monomorium pharaonis and Tapinoma melanocephala towards four different types of food (tuna, peanut butter, cricket and egg) coated with 3 different concentrations (1.5g, 4.7g, and 9.4g) of two types of coffee (pure and roasted) were evaluated. M. pharaonis does not affected by the nature of the foods as coated coffee foods and normal foods do not vary in term of attraction of the Pharaoh ants. In contrast, T. melanocephalum preferred tuna coated with pure coffee at medium concentration 4.7g. Pure coffee coated tuna also can be used as a bait attractant against T. melanocephalum. Thus, coffee can be used as one of biological agent to control household ant’s infestations.
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