International Journal of Entomology Research

ISSN: 2455-4758

Vol. 1, Issue 4 (2016)

Evaluation of different insecticides for the management of red cotton bug Dysdercus Spp via flooding and foliar methods of application

Author(s): Muhammad Faheem Akhtar, Hassan Tariq, Ali Raza, Imran Nadeem, Jawwad Yousaf M, Riaz Ahmed, Tariq Niaz
Abstract: The red cotton bug, Dysdercus spp. is a serious pest of cotton. Its attack results in the loss of seed weight, oil content and seed germinition percentage. It also acts as vector for transmitting the fungal pathogens in cotton. In the present study different insecticides are tested against red cotton bug on cotton crop by using two different methods of application i.e. flooding and foliar application. In case of flooding, insecticides were applied after the last picking with irrigation water. Maximum population reduction of 96.66 % over control was observed in plot treated with Chlorpyriphos 40EC and minimum (23.31%) reduction was recorded where water alone (without any insecticide) was flooded, after 7 days of treatment. In case of foliar applicatin of insecticides maximum mortality percentage was recorded in plot treated with Carbusulfan 20 EC (86.75%) followed by Bifenthrin 2.5 EC (85.94 %) whereas minimum was recorded in Emmamectin benzoate 75 WDG (52.86 %), after 7 days of treatment.
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